Asana Class Schedule & Descriptions

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Group Classes on Zoom Begin TUESDAY, July 7th

How to Sign Up? Contact me for Zoom link & password.

Class Descriptions

Private Sessions (in-person or online)

Private sessions are tailored to your goals, with the ultimate goal of cultivating stability and ease in mind/body/spirit. Each session may include any or all of the following elements — postures, breathwork, guided relaxation and meditation — along with suggestions for daily practices. Private sessions can include 1 – 4 people, with CDC COVID-19 guidelines strictly adhered to for your well-being. *Online private sessions are available! Contact me at

CHAIR YOGA (6pm EST Sundays on Zoom)

Chair yoga is a practice in which postures are performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair. Postures focus on balance, strength & mobility in your body, while breathwork assists in calming, clearing & focusing your mind. A final relaxation practice allows your body to absorb the effects of your practice. Chair yoga classes support those seeking an alternative to mat-based practices & is a great form of yoga for beginners & long-time practitioners alike.

YOGA BASICS (8:45am EST Thursdays on Zoom)

Just starting out? OR seeking a gentle / recovery day practice? Practice traditional postures and pranayama (breathwork) to move your body with intelligence and ease. Plenty of time to explore poses, ask questions, and make your practice your own. Class culminates with systematic relaxation to calm the nervous system, followed by a 3-5 minute guided meditation.

HATHA YOGA (7:15am EST Tuesdays on Zoom)

Hatha combines mindful asana (postures), pranayama, and a finishing guided relaxation. In general, traditional “Hatha” classes tend to move at a steady, intentional pace. We focus on the breath and hold poses a little longer than in a flow style class. Hatha yoga is well-suited for beginners because it gives us more time to investigate what the pose requires. That said, Hatha is also perfect for more advanced students — holding postures longer is an incredible way to build strength and focus. Postures, breathwork, & relaxation prepare the body for our guided meditation, the goal of Yoga.

GENTLE YOGA & YOGA NIDRA (7pm EST Sundays on Zoom)

Rooted in Hatha philosophy and practice, this gentle evening practice prepares the body for Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, sometimes translated as “the sleep of the yogi,” is a guided practice of moving through the koshas toward a state of deep relaxation. This practice is suitable for both mat practitioners & chair practitioners, & EXCELLENT for both beginners and long-time yogis to deepen the Yoga experience.

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