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Class Descriptions

GENTLE YOGA & YOGA NIDRA (5:15pm Sundays online)

Rooted in Hatha philosophy and practice, this gentle evening practice prepares the body for Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, sometimes translated as “the sleep of the yogi,” is a guided practice of moving through the koshas toward a state of deep relaxation. This practice is suitable for both mat practitioners & chair practitioners, & EXCELLENT for both beginners and long-time yogis to deepen the Yoga experience. Donation Class. (See Online Class Disclaimer below)

HATHA YOGA – Mixed-Level Mat Practice (9:00am EST Tuesdays/Thursdays)

Hatha combines mindful asana (postures), pranayama, and a finishing guided relaxation. In general, traditional “Hatha” classes tend to move at a steady, intentional pace. We focus on the breath and hold poses a little longer than in a flow style class. Hatha yoga is well-suited for beginners because it gives us more time to investigate what the pose requires. That said, Hatha is also perfect for more advanced students — holding postures longer is an incredible way to build strength and focus. Postures, breathwork, & relaxation prepare the body for our guided meditation, the goal of Yoga. Donation Class.

Private Sessions (in-person or online)

Private sessions are tailored to your goals, with the ultimate goal of cultivating stability and ease in mind/body/spirit. Each session may include any or all of the following elements of the Hatha Yoga system — postures, breathwork, guided relaxation and meditation — along with suggestions for daily practices. Private sessions can include 1 – 4 people, with CDC COVID-19 guidelines strictly adhered to for your well-being. *Online private sessions are available! Contact me at

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DISCLAIMER: Online Instructional Classes

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