My Grandma loved the crow outside her window at Cedar Bay … As we chatted on Skype or by phone, she would tell me about the crow’s comings and goings in the courtyard. She looked forward to his visits. She once said, “everybody else here isn’t particularly fond of that crow, but I like him.”Continue reading

Pick Things Up, Put Them Down

As a human recovering from over-exercising & disordered eating in my teens & 20’s … Yoga asana practice has been pivotal in coming back to myself, reminding myself I’m worthy no matter the # on the scale or the contours of my belly. (Note: this isn’t an ask for sympathy or affirmation, yet in hopesContinue reading “Pick Things Up, Put Them Down”

Be Bold! Use those Props!

How are you using your tools today? Enjoy a supported, floor-based posture to counteract “tech neck,” driving long distance, or any number of ways we hunch throughout our days. What tools are you using? Pillows, cushions, blankets, whatever you can find works! Which version do you enjoy the most? Remember, BE BOLD in using yogaContinue reading “Be Bold! Use those Props!”