Create Your Home Practice Space

In my first post on this topic, I encouraged you to set your practice space apart with “something special,” maybe a candle or salt lamp or string of lights. How did it go? This post is about my kryptonite regarding my practice space: clutter. Clear spaces = clear mind (so they say). In my personalContinue reading “Create Your Home Practice Space”

hi november … exploration of non-violence

WHY non-violence? Why now? Why did the Yogis believe this ethic was THE most important of the 10 ethical principles of Yoga, the foundation of the following nine? What does non-harming or non-violent mean to you? What is the scope of nonviolence in your life? for example, one’s actions … one’s words … one’s thoughts?Continue reading “hi november … exploration of non-violence”

Anxious Types & Making Mistakes

Creating these mini cards has been quite therapeutic over these last several weeks. In fact, creative practice in general has been a balm throughout 2020. I find my mind can go to a pretty dark place with all the turmoil going on in the world. Unfortunately, left unchecked, that darkness has spilled out onto theContinue reading “Anxious Types & Making Mistakes”