We seek healing.
Healing is spirituality.
Each in our own way, we seek healing for that soft, tender spot that has been bruised.

I have been sharing Hatha Yoga practices & philosophy in the Himalayan Tradition for 6 years and practicing for 13 years. I continue to learn from Himalayan Institute teachers such as Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Shari Friedrichsen, and Kate Kill.

The formal stuff: 200-hour Hatha Yoga teaching certification from The Himalayan Institute in Pittsburgh (HIP) with over 2,000 hours of teaching experience. Currently working toward 500-hour certification with HIP. Trained with Prison Yoga Project and Accessible Yoga to teach trauma-informed mindfulness practices. Registered with Yoga Alliance, and insured through Alliant.

My goal in sharing Yoga practices: To hold space for us to practice together (online or in-person) & create a little more peace & harmony in our days, our bodies & our minds.

I share classes using the intelligent sequencing of Hatha Yoga in the Himalayan Tradition, which emphasizes both stability and ease in body, mind, and breath. “Simple” poses are profound, beginner’s mind is encouraged, and loads of variations are offered. Classes move at a steady pace with a balance of “flow” to cultivate ease, and holding poses to cultivate strength. The breath is primary, & is constantly revisited & shaped … in order to bring steadiness to the mind. Each class culminates in a guided relaxation to soothe and / or energize the nervous system, and many classes include guided breathwork or a short meditation. Hatha Yoga is more than asana, and suitable for any experience level … It is a truly holistic practice based in a living tradition of thousands of years.

Here’s where I’m currently sharing Hatha Yoga classes: Yoga Classes.

I look forward to practicing with you :).

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