Morning … Meditation?

Morning practice

Looks peaceful, inspiring, right? Yes … aaaannnnddd … 😉

What really happens …

Wonder “do I really want to get up?”

Yes, do it.

Wander to the bathroom, past yawning & stretching Tortilla 🐾.

At top of stairs, consiously bend knees so the dog rush doesn’t take me down.

Let dogs out.

Start 🍵 water. Neti pot. Wait, go open curtains for plants. Wait again, go outsode and uncover plants … Wait, go get compost to feed worm bins. Maybe I should walk early before it rains. Tortilla! Stop eating what’s probably gross.

Back inside. Make tea. Grab herbs/vitamins, protein drink, muffins. Head upstairs for morning practice. Wait, what was i thinking? Nevermind.

Consiciously slow at bottom of stairs so not taken out by dog rush.

Too many cars moving outside. Too early. Slow down.

Sit. Gonna meditate. Wait, get candle. Man, this space is messy. Am i more creative? Give myself a star? Ok, meditate.

Turn on phone … There’s FB … Crap, I’m gonna open it and look, aren’t i? Yep, down the rabbit hole. Stop. Close it. One more scroll. Oh well.

Ok, meditate. Eyes closed. Fidget. That FB post … Why? Breathe. Relax yoir breath. Really? Again w the posts? Noise. Outside. Too many cars. Slow down. Ok, meditate.

Start over.

A moment of quiet. Thank G-d.

And we’re back.

Time to draw. Thanks for this time #ourmandalauniverses … going off on my own here. Ah, now settling in. Just draw.

What does it mean? And why is it so noisy outside? Let the birds have the airspace a bit longer. Anyway …

Music. Radici Studios. Thank you.

Finally a deep breath. Just one. When will one be enough. When will we / I be satisfied that we / I have, be, do enough.

And Baxter & Tortilla sleep soundly.

How’s your morning “meditation” going? 🤣

Published by ericaengel42

I practice & share Hatha Yoga for a simple reason -- it works. Hatha Yoga in the Himalayan Tradition is a holistic system of philosophy & practices passed down through an unbroken 5,000 year lineage of Himalayan sages. What Hatha Yoga is not: trendy, bendy or one-&-done. What Hatha Yoga is: a systematic approach to uncovering the real, authentic YOU in body, mind & spirit. Hatha Yoga cultivates well-being, stability, clarity & ease in modern life through traditional, time-tested practices. I also recognize both our shared humanity & our differing privileges & barriers -- I am a cis-gendered white female with a graduate degree, who has dealt with family trauma & an eating disorder. My goals in my own practice include to cultivate awareness of my own privileges & social conditioning, unlearn & re-learn in order to be mindful & take compassionate action toward a more beautiful, just & peaceful world for ALL humans, creatures & our Earth. I'm making mistakes daily, & hopeful that I'm falling forward toward these goals & vision. I hope we can walk our paths & support each other along the way.

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