Sunday Vibes

I listened to an interview with Ross Gay on On Being with Krista Tippett last week while driving to Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh for a reboot of my yoga/Ayurveda practices.

Ross Gay has written a couple of books now, & the interview focused on “The Book of Delights.” Did that title make you smile too? You totally have to hear him read excerpts from “The Book of Delights” … go ahead … take a listen … this blog post will be here when you get back ;).

I especially fell into delight listening to him read his essay “Loitering.”

That’s been my day today, Sunday. Loitering. Puttering. Meandering. Taking my time. Which, as Gay says in his essay, is a revolutionary act.

I’ve been catching up on the Bhagavad Gita Satsang with Hari-kirtana Das. He offers this online study free, & you can sign up at any time & begin studying the Bhagavad Gita, one of the primary texts of modern yoga. While Yoga Sutras may seem a bit abstract or esoteric, the Bhagavad Gita takes place on a battlefield … & is a text for householders like you & me, working in the world that may feel like a battlefield (!), & still striving to walk the path of Yoga.

Today we learned of 2 more mass shootings — one in El Paso, TX, one in Dayton, OH. There is no delight here, only sorrow & anger & grief. We cannot retreat into a cave. How do we act? Hari-kirtana Das said, “The one thing a Yogi cannot tolerate is injustice” in regards to how the Bhagavad Gita applies to today’s circumstances. For those committed to a yogic path, how do we act in the face of injustice?

This question continues to occupy me. Living in the tension of Delight & Injustice.

It’s also Leo ♌ season, the season of the Lion — a time for play, confidence, courage with heart, & being joyfully you. Feelings of generosity may be welling up in you … let that giving spirit overflow!

It was fun today to make these, & I look forward to sharing in classes this week:

I’m looking forward to experiencing the ocean breeze soon … a delight.

What delights you today? I’d love to hear. Seriously. We cannot ignore our duty to respond to injustice & violence … & at the same time … We amplify the energy we focus on & speak about. Share what you’re delighting in here or in your conversations … or use social media for GOOD & share there. I look forward to delighting in your delight!

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I practice & share Hatha Yoga for a simple reason -- it works. Hatha Yoga in the Himalayan Tradition is a holistic system of philosophy & practices passed down through an unbroken 5,000 year lineage of Himalayan sages. What Hatha Yoga is not: trendy, bendy or one-&-done. What Hatha Yoga is: a systematic approach to uncovering the real, authentic YOU in body, mind & spirit. Hatha Yoga cultivates well-being, stability, clarity & ease in modern life through traditional, time-tested practices. I also recognize both our shared humanity & our differing privileges & barriers -- I am a cis-gendered white female with a graduate degree, who has dealt with family trauma & an eating disorder. My goals in my own practice include to cultivate awareness of my own privileges & social conditioning, unlearn & re-learn in order to be mindful & take compassionate action toward a more beautiful, just & peaceful world for ALL humans, creatures & our Earth. I'm making mistakes daily, & hopeful that I'm falling forward toward these goals & vision. I hope we can walk our paths & support each other along the way.

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