End of June Vibes

It’s Sunday … The humidity has dropped this evening in SW PA … So nice.

Last week was warm, humid, & peppered with pop-up storms. Thankfully, no watering needed in the garden. Unfortunately, our boy Tortilla spent the week in panic from thunder claps & lighting flashes.

Thursday evening was my first visit to Footprints Farm. What a treat!

The barn at Footprints Farm. Can you feel the pastoral vibe?! The cows had just mooooowwed this area where we practiced. 😍

My friend Ashley volunteers at the farm regularly, & Thursday we enjoyed “Family Yoga at the Farm” with Jenny Dayton. Kids are welcome … No kids? No worries! Come & practice.

The yoga asana was beginner friendly & Jenny welcomed us with homemade essential oil bug spray … & Ellen, owner of Footprints Farm, welcomed us with idyllic scenery including grazing cows & horses, & a Great Pyrenees named Patch.

Patch paw-printed my mat ;). I feel famous.
Patch, ever the watchful farm dog, as we began practice.
Ashley, Patch (interested in my earring), & me. Big dog = Big Joy!

Thank you, Ashley, Jenny, Footprints Farm & Patch for a lovely evening!

As summer heats up, I’ve been actively working on my cool-down strategies. Growing up in Oklahoma, I was used to heat & humidity (x1,000), & I have the frizzy orange hair pics to prove it! Yet these days my body doesn’t handle heat as gracefully.

Here are my current strategies & recipes:

* Exercise in the early morning hours.

* Avoid being outdoors for lengthy periods between 11am — 6pm. (& I’m doing better wearing sunscreen — I hate how sunscreen feels & the idea of chemicals, yet our dermatologist recommended Vanicream … I found at Walgreens … I use a little fractionated coconut oil to help it blend better … & it has fewer chemicals, yay!)

* Hydrate. I used to buy electrolyte waters, but they’re too sugary/fake sugary for my taste, so I’ve stuck with filtered water. And now I’m adding peppermint leaves from the garden, & cucumber. Both are cooling to the body. I’ve heard watermelon, basil, strawberry, rosemary are cooling additions too.

* Spritz with homemade cooling mist. Often. Like constantly. In a 4oz glass bottle, I combine a few drops Doterra peppermint & lavender, a tablespoon pure aloe vera gel, & a few tablespoons witch hazel. Fill the remainder with distilled water. Voila! (Even more awesome when stored in the fridge!)

* Eat pitta-pacifying foods. According to the science of Ayurveda, “like increases like,” so since my constitution is fiery & it’s summer to boot, I can re-balance myself by cultivating the opposite qualities. So I eat cooling foods as defined by Ayurveda (not necessarily the modern American idea of ice cream, which can aggravate, or beer, which can be heating to the body!). Here’s my fave resource right now: Eat, Taste, Heal. (You can find online elsewhere, yet purchasing from The Himalayan Institute supports their humanitarian work & where I study 🙂 )

I found this Pitta-Pacifying Poha on YouTube! Recipe below.

I used leftover barley (cooling grain) instead of rice …
Youtube Channel: JADE. New to me, yet I’ll be checking out more from them!

*In addition, & congruent with Ayurvedic teachings, I do my best to organize my lifestyle in summer around routines, foods, attitudes, exercise, interactions & environments … even clothing … that are cooling, nurturing, soft, calming, & noncompetitive. These qualities can balance the fiery, hot, sharp, driven, go-go-go, light-filled nature of summer.

How do you organize your life to stay cool & nurtured during the summer months? Let’s hear feom you in the comments or in class soon!

Note: what works for your constitution may be very different than what works for me. That’s the beauty of Ayurveda, I think. Don’t know your Ayurvedic constitution? You could book an appointment with a trained Ayurvedic Health Counselor at The Himalayan Institute – Pittsburgh. Or start with the Dosha Quiz at Banyan Botanicals or Yoga International, two sources I use for education & inspiration.

Ok, I’m off to July. Hope you’ll join me! E-newsletter coming soon … New asana class sequences after the New Moon on July 2nd! Yay! Cheers, E

Published by ericaengel42

I practice & share Hatha Yoga for a simple reason -- it works. Hatha Yoga in the Himalayan Tradition is a holistic system of philosophy & practices passed down through an unbroken 5,000 year lineage of Himalayan sages. What Hatha Yoga is not: trendy, bendy or one-&-done. What Hatha Yoga is: a systematic approach to uncovering the real, authentic YOU in body, mind & spirit. Hatha Yoga cultivates well-being, stability, clarity & ease in modern life through traditional, time-tested practices. I also recognize both our shared humanity & our differing privileges & barriers -- I am a cis-gendered white female with a graduate degree, who has dealt with family trauma & an eating disorder. My goals in my own practice include to cultivate awareness of my own privileges & social conditioning, unlearn & re-learn in order to be mindful & take compassionate action toward a more beautiful, just & peaceful world for ALL humans, creatures & our Earth. I'm making mistakes daily, & hopeful that I'm falling forward toward these goals & vision. I hope we can walk our paths & support each other along the way.

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