What’s in Your Water?

When is the last time you noticed your water intake? How do you feel when you’re well-hydrated? Body? Mind? Spirit?

I’ve known for a WHILE that I’m chronically dehydrated. After many years in the outdoors chugging fluids constantly, maybe I got bored with the whole thing. My recent stint of 4-5 cups of green tea daily, with a little water in the side, might not be something to replicate either (as you’ll learn in the video link below).

Summer heat & humidity encouraged me to revisit my practices around hydrating my body.

So a few weeks ago I downloaded an app to track my water intake. The difference in body & mind is noticeable. (Duh, right?!)

I’ve also been experimenting with Kishu charcoal filtration sticks the past few weeks. Got the suggestion from Phoebe Lapine’s book, “The Wellness Project.”

While our budget doesn’t support a whole-house filtration system, these little sticks are cost-effective in my water bottle.

I noticed a difference in the taste right off … less “chemical-y,” more smooth … & tried it out on Jim, who noticed too. He’s a good sport with my experiments.

Here’s an interesting video on hydration according to your dosha, the season, or lifestyle from an Ayurveda (Yoga’s sister science) perspective:

LINK: How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Are you a natural at hydration? Or do you have your own tips & tricks for keeping the fluids movin’? I’d love to hear in the comments.

Note: I share my experiments for educational purposes only. Ya gotta do what’s best for you! I get no kickbacks from these companies … just the joy of learning :).

Cheers! Erica

Published by ericaengel42

I teach & practice Hatha Yoga for a simple reason -- it works. Hatha Yoga in the Himalayan Tradition is a holistic system of philosophy & practices passed down through an unbroken lineage of Himalayan sages. What Hatha Yoga is not: trendy, bendy or one-&-done. What Hatha Yoga is: a systematic approach to uncovering the real, authentic YOU in body, mind & spirit. Hatha Yoga cultivates well-being, stability, clarity & ease in modern life through traditional, time-tested practices. I look forward to connecting with you!

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